Check out "Dancing with the Devils", a five-minute video which shows a few dust devils in action. 

This Dust Devil movie was created using a Minolta DImage F300 Digital Camera.  The music, which I wrote before filming, began as an improvised piano piece to which I later added orchestration (I'm still adding...) It took four trips out to El Mirage Dry Lake to gather the footage, which I later edited together using Sonic Foundry Vegas.


You can see it here

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Here are the beginnings of an ever-expanding portfolio of dust devils:



DD2.jpg (31117 bytes)



These form on hot days, usually over flat terrain.  I love to chase them, and usually let them pass right over me, attempting to take a shot right up the center.  Most of the time this is not successful, but occasionally it is:


dd.jpg (41882 bytes)


It's usually the smaller, thinner devils which lend themselves to shots up the center.


They come in all shapes and sizes:

d1.jpg (19143 bytes)d2.jpg (21136 bytes)d3-2.jpg (31755 bytes)d3-3.jpg (36009 bytes)

d3.jpg (29787 bytes)d4.jpg (32630 bytes)


More Dust Devils!

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